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Service listing ...

 Health Resource Connection, LLC

  formerly Rainbow Consultants, Inc.

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  Health Resource Connection, LLC

  74 Ridgecliff Drive
  Richland WA 99352

  P: (509) 302-8700
  EFAX: (866) 435-3133 consultants


William Pykus, NAR, BHA, AASME, President of Rainbow Consultants, Inc and Health Resources

William has been involved with the company since inception twelve years ago. Although a mechanical designer by trade, his heart has always been with the elderly and disabled. In fact, at one time, he considered switching majors and becoming a nurse. He has been instrumental in the writing of the programs and more so in the formatting and distribution of the continuing education and direct advertising. Bill has had experience as a caregiver many times in the venue of boarding homes, adult family homes, and transition homes.

Arlene Welk, RND, BSN, LNHA

Arlene has been in the nursing venue for many years starting a nurse assistant in 1966. She then went on to become an LPN in 1970 and an ADN in 1976. In 1987, Arlene went back to school to get a Bachelor of Science Degree. After that, she went on to become a licensed nursing home administrator. Arlene has worked in all venues of health care settings including hospital, nursing home, boarding home, adult family home and home health. Her major area of interest has always been education and she spent three years of college life to become a teacher. Now, Arlene feels she enjoys the best of both worlds as she is able to educate caregivers.


HRC is purposed with uniting professionals with local educational and service resources through technology.

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